Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does Valentus Ship to?

Valentus is available to all countries (except North Korea & China)! Shipping fees and taxes will vary depending on your location.

If I live in Canada do I have to pay duty?

Nope! Because the product is first shipped to our Canadian location (either in Alberta or Ontario), it is then sent out via Canada Post and you do not have to pay duty. Provincial Taxes apply.

How do I prepare my Valentus Energy, Trim, and Immune Boost?

Simply add the packet to a cup of water and mix! Feel free to add ice, or even blend with ice for a fruity slushy experience! We’ve heard from some of our Valentus Bar customers that adding a splash of vodka on the weekend makes for a nice summer sipper!

How do I prepare my SlimROAST Coffee?

It’s so easy and you have options! For a hot cup of coffee, boil your water and remove from heat. Add the hot water and the SlimROAST packet contents to your favourite mug. Stir and enjoy! Some people like to add a milk of their choice. For cold-brew lovers, mix SlimROAST with cold water and ice. If you like your coffee creamier, add a milk of your choice!

Do I need to be on ||Autoship||?

No. We do, however, encourage it because it means you don’t risk running out. There is no contract and you can cancel your autoship at any time. If you are on autoship, you can change your selection and order date at any time.

Where are Valentus products made?

Valentus Prevail Products are formulated in the USA. They are also shipped from the USA.

Is my Credit Card information secure?

Yes. When you order, you are entering your credit card information directly into to the Valentus Corporate secure website. It is 100% secure & safe.

Are Valentus Prevail products Gluten-Free? GMO-Free?

Absolutely! All Valentus Prevail products are free of gluten, GMO, pesticides, and chemicals! Another reason SlimROAST is considered the healthiest coffee in the world!

How many packets come in a box and why?

There are 24 packets in each box of any of the Valentus Prevail products. It is recommended each week that you only need to drink them 6 days a week. 6 days a week x 1 month = 24 packets. So, one box is enough for one month unless you decide to take them every day, which some Valentus fans choose to do. Check our the 12 in 24 video for more information.

Do I need to start a new exercise routine or diet with my Valentus?

No. The beauty of Valentus Prevail products is that you can add them into your current daily life and enjoy their benefits! Daily exercise is always a good idea and we advocate healthy living in all aspects of life. Speak with your healthcare professional about what types of exercise are most appropriate for you.

What time of day should I take each Valentus Prevail product?

Everyone’s lives and work schedules are different, but we’ll share with you our own personal daily Valentus schedule!
Morning: SlimROAST coffee. Afternoon: Energy. Before Supper: Trim. Evening: Immune Boost.

How much caffeine is in Valentus Prevail beverages?

SlimROAST 120mg. Energy 80mg. Trim 50mg. Immune Boost 0mg.

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